Reading Women #8 A debut fiction

The House of the Spirits – Isabel Allende This novel was the critically acclaimed and well-received debut of the author even though it faced initial challenges at the time of publication. Most of the publishing houses turned it down apparently. But, clearly it was born to leave an indelible mark on countless readers who have constantly affirmed how brilliant this book is. I too have joined their league.  The House of the Spirits written originally in Spanish the novel chronicles the story of four generation of women with the Chilean tumultuous political revolution (from democracy to socialism to military dictatorship) as the backdrop.   But it is the women of the story that will shine across the family saga. Starting with the Del Valle family whose eldest and youngest daughters – Rosa , the green haired beauty and Clara the clairvoyant will bewitch the reader and keep us turning the pages to find out what happens to each of them. The story unfolds in unpredicta

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